Emergency Manager/Emergency Financial Manager News

Emergency Manager / Emergency Financial Manager News:

Frequently Asked Questions
Local Government and School District Fiscal Accountabilty Act - Act 4 of 2011
Michigan Public Schools With Deficits
MAISD 2011 Summaries and Information Report
Emergency Manager Contract
2010-11 MHPS Audit
2010-11 MHPS Management Discussion & Analysis
Running on Empty - May 30th Presentation
Parent and Community Unity Meeting
Management Agreement
Muskegon Heights PSA System Contract
Deficit Elimination Plan Approved
Emergency Financial Manager Contract
Info About the Operating Millage - NO TAX INCREASE!
Public Forum Thursday, October 11, 2012
Revised Emergency Financial Manager Contract 10.29.12
Request for Proposals
Contract for Services - Fiscal Control Manager
2013-01-18 Muskegon Heights School Emergency Loan
Emergency Financial Manager Contract beginning March 28, 2013
Public Act 436 of 2012
Senate Fiscal Agency Bill Analysis of Public Act 436
MHPS Public Forum June 2013
Master State Aid Agreement 
State Aid Agreement Consent, Acknowledgement, and Authorization - August 2013 
Emergency Manager Contract beginning October 16, 2013
MHPS Town Hall Meeting December 19, 2013
First Amendment to the MHPS / MHPSA Contract 
Second Amendment to the MHPSA / MEI Management Agreement 
Amended and Restated Agreement for Continued Provision of Services between MHPSA & MHPS 
Request for Proposals - Educational Management Company 
Administrator Contract Renewal
Emergency Manager Contract beginning April 15, 2015
MHPS Town Hall Meeting July 1, 2015
MHPS FOIA Proceedures and Guidelines

Press Releases

Muskegon Heights Public School Academy System to Hold a Public Forum on Monday, July 16th 
EM signs contract with Mosaica
MHPS Charter Board Members Announced 
EM's Orders Outline Legal Control, Limit Travel, Permit Sale of Surplus 
Board Members Resign
District Issues Notices of Layoff to District Employees
New Administrator Chosen
Business as Usual !
Muskegon Heights Public School Academy and Mosaica Agree to Conclude Partnership