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In order to provide children who live within Muskegon Heights access to a FREE , QUALITY public education we must address both finances and academics.  

Refund Collection Information

Individuals need to update contact information for distribution of funds from Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System ORS.

*All Employees/Retirees are encouraged to update contact information on their MiAccount to help both ORS and the district process returns correctly.

Please complete our 3% ORS Refund Collection Survey below:
3% ORS Refund Collection Survey

PA 75 and 3% Healthcare Contributions FAQs

District Refund Communication Feb. 9, 2018
W4 Forms State
W4 Forms Federal
W4 Muskegon Heights


To request a transcript prior to 2012 please call 231-830-3221 after 2012 call 231-830-3700.